Whether your event is a Workshop, Conference, Roundtable Conversation, Meeting or Panel Discussion, we can provide the most effective moderation in English or German.

Ideally, effective moderation creates a balanced working environment, which blends empathy and understanding with control and direction. This ensures open discussions and free exchanges of ideas that are neither too narrow nor drift too broadly.

By applying background knowledge with practical experience, our moderation process builds confidence and enthusiasm within a very short time focused around specific outcomes. Participants will be rewarded with a sense of real achievement that meets and exceeds their expectations.


A keynote speech is a high stakes challenge. When successful, it can set the stage for audience engagement, productive debate and creative outcomes. Our team includes experienced public speakers who are available for events. They have delivered keynote addresses in a wide range of settings from the historic Library of Alexandria in Egypt to luxury cruise ships; universities to international conference venues.

We also offer clients assistance in formulating ideas and storylines including, preparation, practice and coaching to ensure excellence in the ‘art’ and ‘science’ of public speaking.

Example keynote subjects include: Women in leadership; Communication challenges in the digital age; Communicating the principles of good governance; Establishing trust in a ‘post truth’ era.


When ideas are effectively communicated and shared, they multiply in value creating opportunities for productive collaboration and working relationships. However, this is not a spontaneous cause-and-effect outcome, it requires a facilitation process.

Kommu-NIKA-tion offers facilitation support that is both intercultural and multi-disciplinary creating unity (of purpose) out of a diversity (of ideas).

Our team includes internationally accredited ‘brokers’ that assist clients to clearly identify collaborative opportunities; highlighting the benefits, mitigating risks and defining the best pathway towards joint success.