Dagmar Kutzenberger is a communication behavioral trainer, speaking coach, actress and professional spokesperson. Since 2013 she has been coaching Radio moderators for major commercial broadcasters in Austria including speech training and video journalism at WiFi Wien and at News-on-video. In 2007, she founded ‘MikroStimme’ (MicroVoice) focusing as a trainer on interpretation and speech technology for radio and television.

For many years, Dagmar has acted as a professional spokesperson for documentaries, advertising, the radio station announcer voice of Antenna Wien, audiobooks and on-line audio stations. She is an on-air live presenter for private radio, television and major public events. As an actress, she has performed in theatre as well as TV series such as Tatort and Cop Stories. In 2014, she published a well-received training book for On-Air Speaking and Interpreting Skills.