As founder of “Kommu-NIKA-tion” Nika Triebe is successfully supporting clients across Europe by addressing various communication challenges. Working in German and English, she has acquired a wealth of intercultural experience overcoming both perceived and real boundaries, while creating opportunities for growth through communication.

As an accomplished communication trainer, bestselling author, moderator and key note speaker, she combines theory and practice within a highly effective and engaging approach. Nika is always on the lookout for new, creative ideas living by the principle that ‘good training should be fully experienced with all the senses.’

Since 2001, Nika Triebe has worked with individuals and groups who recognize the vital importance of communication as a pathway to success. These clients include executives, entrepreneurs, high profile public figures and government leaders wishing to build confidence, trust and productivity through their communication. With practical insights and an entertaining style, Nika shares key communication skill-sets with the aim of optimising each situation. These include problem-solving scenarios as well as contagious optimism about future possibilities for growth.

Born in Vienna, Nika worked as an actress on various stages throughout the German-speaking world. She also worked as a TV presenter and journalist in Austria and Germany. Understanding and working directly with people to overcome fears and realize dreams has always been central to her professional interests. Nika is a certified coach, adult educator and existential analyst. She has published two bestselling books (in German) “Rede Diat” and “Be Boss.” She is a popular key note speaker addressing topics such as ‘Women in Leadership’ and the ‘Challenges of Communication in the Digital Age.’

Nika lives with her husband and their daughter Gabryela, with homes in Baden near Vienna and within a tranquil nature reserve near Krakow, Poland.