Wordswritten or spoken – matter, with the limitless potential to engage, inform, inspire and enthrall audiences, everywhere.

Using a combination of Word-craft skills and experience, our team will help you achieve the best results from important written texts such as corporate policy statements or media announcements. This requires balance, finesse and appropriate chemistry in the choice and use of words.



We support clients in the development and delivery of speeches characterized by quality and distinction, transforming monologues into memorable events. Our team has extensive experience as writers, editors and published authors. This can be applied to editing and/or writing speeches for various forums and audiences.



Die Rede-Diät: So halten Sie Ihre Rhetorik schlank

This book provides advice on how to get the most from your rhetoric whilst keeping it precise and concise. Identify individual strengths and weaknesses and improve the quality of your verbal communication.

Author: Nika Triebe and Tatjana Lackner 

Language: German only

BE BOSS: 33 Stolpersteine beim Führen und Kommunizieren

Provides practical advice on how to communicate better and provide leadership including self-coaching in your daily routine.

Author: Nika Triebe and Tatjana Lackner

Language: German only


This book is designed for Polish mother-tongue speakers wishing to learn and/or teach German as a foreign language. It comprises an audiobook with over 70 minutes of phonetic exercises.

Author: Nika Triebe

Language: German only

“Someone, Somewhere: Encounters with People and Places”

A personal travelogue of living and working in challenging locations with extraordinary people. This book details not only the enjoyment of discovery but also the richness of cultures worldwide. It challenges everyone to look beyond their own national borders and cultural identity to appreciate the incredible opportunities which lay beyond. Includes an insightful foreword by New York Times Bestselling Author Gavin de Becker.

Author: Roman Pryjomko

Language: English only

Akzentfrei English sprechen

Practical book for German speakers on how to speak English without an accent. Following a special technique supported by extensive exercises, explanatory graphics and audio samples available for download.

Author: Nathalie Claude

Language: German only