Engage, Inform and Inspire!

Kommu-NIKA-tion offers training in a diverse range of topics each with a unique focus and contents.

Please review the training options presented below and contact us to discuss your precise requirements or obtain more detailed content-curricula.



One-to-one training addresses individual needs, including preparation for high stakes events such as key-note speeches, court testimony, start-up business ‘pitching’ and employment – promotion interviews. Diligence, precision and confidentiality bring focus on achieving the most positive outcomes.


 For groups of varying size and professional profiles, thematic and/or skills training are delivered in formats that inspire critical thinking and problem solving through active engagement. This strengthens the ability to learn and apply newly acquired communication skills in routine as well as challenging situations.


Advancing communication tools such as Skype and Webinars offer flexible options for training delivery. This also presents challenges with respect to customizing contents of the highest quality. An integral component of Online training is understanding the strengths, risks and limitations of communication via Social Media and related platforms.

Training categories (in English or German) include:

Training is customized not only for contents but also to optimize its delivery and context

Voice and Language

Breath, Voice, Language

The way you speak reveals much more than a facial expression!

This training strengthens correct pronunciation whilst keeping your individual language identity. Dialects are important and valuable, as long as they do not obstruct comprehensibility. Boost your expressiveness with the best speaking techniques. Additionally, learn the most important didactic instruments such as introducing pauses, managing pace, and how to properly modulate your voice.

Leading Meetings and Teams in the Digital Age

Digital communication speeds the flow and exchange of information but the quality and results of communication- especially among teams or within groups are not always improved.

The objective of a meeting should be to communicate clearly, concisely, constructively and creatively among the group. This workshop provides the necessary skills and tools to make this happen with tangible results and outcomes.



How to successfully host and moderate events

“And now, please welcome your host!”

Moderating an event requires forming a creative connection between the audience, the organizer and the subject matter or contents. Be it a press conference, information day or a panel discussion, this seminar provides a personal tool-box to successfully moderate events. Benefits include, a more fulfilling experience for participants. Cost savings in terms of staging, planning and final results. The training also allows personal growth strengthening both on-stage experience and confidence.


Body Language

Body Language

The eyes can understand what the hands are saying.

Mimics, gestures, posture and the way we walk leave an immediate impression, either positive or negative. Your body is constantly communicating and therefore, deserves the attention and training as language and rhetoric.

This training provides a map and vocabulary for body language to better interpret others and positively reflect your own non- verbal signals.

Presentations – for the Reptilian Brain

How to make a long-term impact on your audience

Words can have an immediate effect but will your message have the intended long-term impacts? This seminar enhances your presentations so they stimulate your audience at various levels. The objective is to boost your presentation style making it both meaningful and memorable.

Workshop: Essential Preparation for your Presentation in English!

A routine presentation in your mother tongue can be most challenging in a second language. This workshop shares methods that strengthen and support presentations in English while reducing anxieties.

Issues addressed include:

  • What are potential pitfalls and how do you avoid them?
  • How to prepare most effectively while saving time?
  • What are the most useful standard phrases?
  • How do you maintain confidence and fluency, even if English is your second language?
High Impact Business Presentations

In today’s international and dynamic business environment, presentations are an integral part of the decision-making process. This training will help you effectively communicate information and proposals gaining rapid support and approval for your ideas.

Within an international, cross cultural environment, certain skills offer clear advantages for presentation success including competence in Rhetoric, Body Language and Structure.

Argumentation & Negotiation
Argumentation – how to achieve faster results

The fundamentals of good rhetoric are actually straightforward and include:

  • The relevance of your contents
  • The concise transfer of information
  • Stimulating the interest of listeners so they actively listen, enjoy and internalise your message.

The essential skills required to achieve these goals are central to argumentation training include.

  • How to present arguments in stressful situations
  • The rules of Wirk-Rhetorik (Active Rhetoric)
  • Speaking structures to help keep track of argument development
  • How to deliver negative news
  • How to elegantly counter verbal attacks or minimise aggression


Promotion and Selling

Sales and Promotion training is currently available in GERMAN,ENGLISH or FRENCH and is customised to client requirements.

Subject areas include:


Empowered Selling

Understanding the psychology of buying and selling; using professional and structured consultative selling techniques

Sales Negotiation

Getting the best deal and maintaining the right relationship with customers

Account Management

A planned approach to generating maximum revenue from key customers

Sales and Promotion Leadership

Building and managing high performance sales teams

Strategy and Planning

Planning and designing an effective sales organisation or sales-promotional campaign

Sales Coaching

Turning managers into great coaches who drive continuous performance and growth