The spectrum of available training contents are extensive. They all share excellence in communication as a common theme in German or English, depending on your target group. Topics include:

  • Präsentation
  • Argumentation and Negotiation
  • Application
  • Moderation (Workshop & Event, Online)
  • Dealing with the Media
  • Charisma & Appearance
  • Voice & Body Language
  • Train the Trainer

Order Portfolio

Yes, please send me the complete portfolio with exact descriptions of the possible contents.

My Offer

1on1 Training (on & offline)

A particularly effective method for many topics! We respond precisely to your needs and requirements. Together we will define your individual training goals and go the extra mile – flexible and results-oriented.

E-Training und Webinars

How to deliver communication training in virtual spaces through the thoughtful application of video platforms? The online challenge is to optimally apply for example Zoom sessions, to create an engaging and interactive learning experience. The goal is to facilitate learning while maintaining attention and enjoyment. Rest assured, Kommu-NIKA-tion delivers this and more is always accessible a few clicks away…

Seminars  & Workshops

Years of experience with a diversity of seminars and workshops has verified what works best and what does not! For example, experience has shown that leaving 1 – 2 weeks between training sessions more effectively transfers what has been learned into real-world situations. The objective is to deepen and transform learned skills into positive behaviours that last a lifetime.

Blended Learning

The best of the best! Studies increasingly show that a combination of ‘classroom’ training with distance e-learning is optimal. Effective, flexible and personalised – I would be happy to send you my concept for ‘E-Communication’ where ‘virtual’ delivers precise, tangible and lasting results.