Every event stands and falls with the perfect interaction of all participants – just like an orchestra!

The task of the presenter is to make the voices sound at the right time, sometimes only acting in the background – perhaps comparable to a dark bass. And if desired, to take the lead, so that the harmony is right in the end.

You are planning an (online) workshop, a gala, maybe a big (e-)conference or a round table discussion, a difficult meeting, a panel discussion …? Everything should be as you imagine it and even better!

Good moderation creates the balance between empathy and control. The art is to neither play to the fore nor let the conversation run too much. The goal: to create an event that will be remembered!

The Essential Ingredients

For moderation experience really matters.

  • Acquired knowledge and skills from over 20 years are carefully adapted to each unique event.

  • This is complemented by natural fluency in German and English.

  • With a detailed familiarity of physical venues as well as online platforms.

Other essential ingredients include supporting event design and a rapid understanding of the key themes and topics. Confidence, discipline and persuasiveness shape a distinctive event that is both consequential and memorable!


“Unlocking unknown capabilities. That’s how I would summarize Nika’s super-power.”