Nika Triebe

  • Heute


    Kommu-NIKA-tion – Years of Progress

    Working independently has allowed me to expand my sphere of influence enormously. Whether executives or students, politicians or managers, lawyers or doctors – there is a growing awareness that quality communication makes their lives both easier and more productive. I am honoured and delighted when clients turn to me for assistance. Some for a few one-to-one sessions. While others I have accompanied and supported for many years, nurturing professional progress and personal achievements.

    Today I work internationally, exchanging languages and cultures in a variety of settings and roles, including training, moderating, presenting, writing … I now have the privilege of sharing, teaching and learning at the same time!

  • The School of Speech – Years of Discovery

    Having established myself as the head of the rhetoric department in the school, I also discovered my true vocation. These were very productive years with the creation of train-the trainer programs and the “Be-Boss” leadership course to name a few.

    Two best-selling books were produced describing the best communication and training practices from a panoramic perspective.


    TV & Mass Media – Years of Engagement

    Presenting and moderating on live TV is very different from my earlier experience of playing on stage. Suddenly, I had to develop and speak my own script and within extremely tight production schedules. With a TV program scheduled for broadcast every day there was no “protection of role” but rather ‘adaptation and evolution.’ Whether, in front of or behind the camera I wanted to entertain and inspire the wider audience while still speaking to each individual.

  • On Stage – Years of Enlightenment

    The challenge and joy of using innate abilities; language, body, expression, emotion – to create and share ‘dreamscapes’ from the stage led me to acting. Actually, I wanted to become a stage director. However, a wise mentor advised, “if you can act, then you can direct later – so, learn and love to act!”  My first love was for the classics …


Career Highlights

Trained actress, TV presenter and broadcast journalist

Since 2001, trainer and certified coach

12 years as head of department for rhetoric and ‘trainer training’ at “The School of Speech,” Vienna

Former lecturer, FH-Vienna, Austria

Didactic direction at the “Schlossberginstitut, Austria

Certified and accredited adult educator

Lecturer at Quadriga University, Berlin, DE

Lecturer at the Donau-University, Krems, Austria

Certified E-Tutor (Uni Hagen)