Speech Writing

Like the best fitting and most comfortable clothes, a speech must be tailored and ‘made to measure!’

I have a passion for speech writing. Firstly, the process involves a very detailed conversation to identify, prioritise and focus the contents. This includes recording phrases and formulations that most naturally occur during this conversation of discovery.

A good speech

must never sound too structured or formulaic! Early drafts are incrementally fine-tuned and tailored to highlight the most natural style of presentation.

My goal is

to enable the speaker to feel a sense of pride and ownership of the words spoken, with peace of mind and confidence.

Let’s explore your planned speech together!

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“Ihre Reden bleiben jahrelang in Erinnerung – in positiver Erinnerung!”

“Nikas Reden führen zum Erfolg.”

“Wenn Nika was schreibt, passt es einfach.”